Radiation Rose for one day

Hi Abraham,

The length shows the magnitude of radiation form each direction but the thickness of arrows is just an arbitrary relationship between the length of the arrow and the scale. It doesn’t show anything special. I found the default value based on annual runs and that’s why it doesn’t give you a good graphic for a single day. I should fix it for the next release to work for both cases.

Meanwhile you can manipulate the number in genRadRoseArrows function in Ladybug_ladybug component and find the right relationship for your study.

There is a line as: ptMoveDis = 20 * internalSc

Change it to: ptMoveDis = .20 * internalSc

let the modified version of Ladybug fly and re-run the radiation-rose. It should give you an acceptable graphic.

Thanks for reporting this and let me know if it didn’t work so I can send you the modified version.



Thanks Mostapha,

It did work for that specific situation (one day). But if i run a year (for instance) then nothing shows. So i understand this is a “local” fix for this case and not a general one.


Hi Mostapha,

I got a little confuse. Can you help me reading this graphs?
Does the length shows the magnitude or the frequency of occurrence?

The 2 graphics are in the same scale. Although while march has a “higher” color (more green) the arrow seems smaller than january “lower” color (bluer).

Hi Alexandre, They show the magnitude. Can you use the outputs of the component and add the text values next to the graph so we can see we can do a better comparison?

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for you reply!

Colors seems correct but the blue (34.86) arrow length is bigger than the green one (38.66).
Not a big deal, I`m just curious why.

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