Radiation self-shading problem

Hi everyone,

I would like to analyse annual solar irradiance on a surface of a zigzag façade. I’m looking for the effect of self-shading on annual irradiance distribution on this surface. I’ve created a mesh grid on the surface But the annual results don’t show any effect of self-shading. (The annual results for each sensor points are almost the same at a time step). Attached is the file. I would appreciate if someone help me . Thanks

PARTIAL SHADING (1).gh (566.9 KB)


I’ve done this before using a radiation analysis (not an annual radiation component) in which you have an input called “context” that’s where you can plug in you entire geometry and it will consider self shading. I did some changes in your file (you just need to put back your path to your epw file because I saved mine in a different place). You’ll need to post-process a little your results just because your results are given for each point of the grid.

I guess you work with Roel Loonen or maybe know Samuel De Vries :slight_smile: I recognize the zigzag system, please say hi for me (also Samuel is really good with grasshopper/honeybee so it might be worth asking him for help too)