Radiation simulation output units

Hi, i just wanted to double check that the results obtained via annual radiation (using sky matrix) and DC grid based daylight recipe (type 1), that the output results are also kWh/m2?

I am looking to do an overheating risk assessment and need the peak solar gain at the glazing - hence just wanted to double check the units of the results.


Hi @schaggar92,

Can you be more specific about your case? It seems you’re using Honeybee[+] but I’m not quite sure. If that’s the case see this: Radiation analysis horizontal grid I suggest to use the Radiation recipe.

Hi @mostapha, i am using the latest honeybee package in Dynamo.

Using the radiation recipe - what node is this in dynamo package? and what units will the results be in?

Now I remember all our conversations on GitHub! :slight_smile: I moved your question to a new topic so it will be easy to find in the future.

The units are the same as the units for radiation data in the epw weather file which is Wh/m2.


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thank you. and yes, now i can bug you on this.

thanks for clarifying. :slight_smile: