Radiation simulation result problem

Hi guys, I have some problems when use LB incident radiation component:

I want to analyze how much radiation will be received by my surface. The script works well, but the result looks a little strange, I am not sure the simulation result is right or not, the surfaces toward the sky should receive more solar radiation I think.

And also the radiation values received by adjacent surfaces that toward the sky decrease rapidly. I think something is wrong there.

Here is my rhino and grasshopper file, could someone check my file and tell me what is wrong with my result. The weather data I use is for Barcelona.

solar radiation problem.gh (73.5 KB) solar radiation.3dm (318.4 KB)

Increase the offset distance from the base surface. The points are not offset enough to be completely in front of the curved quad mesh faces.

Hi Chris, thanks you for your suggestion!!

I tried it, but that doesn’t work. Whether is possible that my shape is too complex to have a correct simulation result?

Works fine for me:


Hi Abraham, thank you for your reply.

I found out the problem, because my LB version is not the newest, I updated and it work fine now.