Raidance wxfalsecolor pvalue error

Hi there!

I’ve been struggling the whole day trying to open a HDR image with wxfalsecolor. I generated the image with runDaylightAnalysis from Honeybee_Legacy.

I downloaded the wxfalsecolor.exe from GitHub and added it to the Radiance bin folder
Radiance is added to the system file path.

here is a screenshot of how the error looks like

if I click ok I get an image with a high exposure value. I tried to apply pcond but that also got me an error.

trying to visualize the image with the Ladybug_Image Viewer or modifying the exposure is not working…

can anybody help?


Even though nobody replied to this problem, I just wanted to leave a little update to this topic.

I have opened wxfalsecolor on its own and opened the rendered HDR images with it WITHOUT having Rhino open.

Like this, wxfalsecolor has no problem reading pvalue and applying pcond.

Maybe this helps those of you who encountered the same problem as me!