Rain protection analysis

Hi All,

I’m wondering if the topic of doing desktop rain protection analysis has ever been raised through the use of ladybug? I have precipitation data, providing mm/hr rainfall, to which I can calculate the median and perhaps 95th percentile rates. That combined with wind direction and wind speed, it looks like we have all the ingredients to undertake some form of 3D analysis of what areas are protected / likely not to be for a % of the year.

If anyone knows of a workflow that has already been made, or a plugin that has already touched upon this, please let me know! Otherwise, I may have a stab at trying to construct something out of native components and a mixture of Ladybug existing components (as sadly I am yet to fully learn Python).

Kindest Regards - and thanks in advance!

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One way to approach this would be to use Ladybug’s weather file component to import your precipitation data and wind data. You could then use Ladybug’s wind rose component to visualize the wind direction and speed data in a format that makes it easier to interpret.