Ram Crash Generative design

Dear all i am doing a Generative design trough walleceix on the basis of some ladybug components, however, i am not able to finish a simulation. I did some test prior that seemed to work but all of a sudden, it started crashing, and it is getting worse. I am quite positive it is a RAM issue Here are my files, i hope someone can help. Thank you in advance.
Here are the files if needed

Hi @Meeuwke, how do you know it’s a RAM issue? Do you use any components that does intersection? Sometimes it is because of the tolerance value in your model that an intersection calculation makes Rhino crash.

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@mostapha Thank you for the quick response, Their is a solid difference in their. But the ram keeps creeping up, and when it crashes it gives me a popup that says something in the lines of Rhino has to clase due to memory allocation issues.

@Meeuwke Are you on Rhino 7? If yes, it’s probably related to this issue: https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/memory-issue-in-grasshopper-rhino-6-vs-rhino-7/120879

A practical solution is to use Rhino 6 instead.
(There’s been a change how ray intersections are calculated that causes a memory leak.)

@thomas.wortmann This worked for now I think, thank you all for the help and the quick responses.

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