Random Sampling using Colibri

I was wondering if there is a way to do random sampling using Colibri. Say there are 12,000 combinations in your design space and you need simulation for 2,000 combinations. using the Selection component in Colibri would do 1-200th but I need this to be unbiased and random. any thoughts? Thank you

Hi @mst.torabi!
To answer your question, you’re basically asking for a simple Monte Carlo approach which involves random ized sampling over different parametric combinations. This can be achieved with Grasshopper native tools. I’m attaching part of a *.gh definition that I developed during my PostDoc and does just that for a single-zone E+ model. The def. also includes a method to split the parametric combinations into batches for parallel processing, but keep in mind that the Colibri version I used ran into problems where it sometimes messed the order of results if I used two or more instances of grasshopper running on the same CPU.


monteCarlo.gh (29.1 KB)