Rated highspeed flow rate, etc cannot be autosized for CoilClnDX2

Hello! @MingboPeng
I am running into issue with the cooling settings for CoilClnDX2 component. While in OS, Rated high speed air flow rate is auto-sized. However, if this input is set to -9999, CoilClnDX2 gives off an error saying 1. Solution exception:Failed to set Rated High Speed Air Flow Rate! Please double check input data type, or typo!
Detail error message:
RatedHighSpeedAirFlowRate cannot be autosized!

Here is the what it looks like in OS and in IB respectively. Many thanks!

I don’t understand why you would do this. Can you explain what result you were expecting to get when you plugged this in? The current error message you’re getting seems pretty reasonable.

Hi @zwang

These inputs are already "Autosize"d by default:

Gah, I must have missed it. Thank you, Mingbo, for pointing this out!