Ray tracing component

Hi Mostapha and thanks for your help so far.

One more question about the component. If we have surrounding buildings and want to take them into account what do we do? In the example that I attach I have extend the rays towards the sun and then trimed them with the surrounding buildings. How can I delete the trimed rays in grasshopper?

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sunpath.3dm (201 KB)
sunpath1.gh (48.1 KB)

Hi Kostas,

You need to move the test points first and then use them for raytracing. I also modified the way you generate the test points so they don’t intersect with the wall.

The component also couldn’t take untrimmed surfaces into account that I fixed it. Check the attached script and use the raytracing component in this script for the rest of your studies.

Hope it helps,


sunpath1_msr.gh (52.7 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

Yes it was very helpfull. Many thsnks.


hi @mostapha . I have a question. Does Ray tracing work with RADIANCE in honeybee?

Radiance is a backward raytracer and raytracing is at the core of radiance. You won’t be able to visualize those rays if that what’s you mean to ask.