Re-color mesh results modifying legend segments

Hi community,

Since LB has changed a bit in the last few years (meshcolor contour component gone), what would be the easiest/clever way to re-color mesh and changing legend segments(range) like this exemple:

I don’t know if its possible to input the new segments as a statements into the legenpar component like :
0 to 2 > black
2 to 5 > grey
5 to 10and more > white

I’ve tryed this so far with the legendpar component but still have no clue how to do it.

Another possibility would be to use the Mesh treshold selector component to remap colors but it would be tedious and we would need to rebuild the legend to…

Would be nice if we could also input into the seg_count of the legendpar component this kind of statements.

Thanks for the help,

I believe the LB_LegendParCategorized is your friend here … or can be.


Of course I didn’t noticed the component :wink: Thanks @AbrahamYezioro

Also I was wondering why it wont take my domaines, eighter by direct input or with component. Any tips on how is it working?


Notice the _colors input is compulsory!
Also notice the number of color should be one more than the domain items (see hint in the input),