Hi Tangminghao,

re-ColorMesh gives you the chance to customize the presentation of the result (which is a mesh) before you bake it. It is most useful in cases that you are dealing with multiple studies and you want to have a consistent presentation (eg. normalize the legends). It is also useful to customize the presentation for or a study that takes so long to re-run.

You can apply the similar changes using legendPar input in the component itself but then you have to re-run the study.

I attached an example file that shows how you can normalize the legends, change the colors and add custom comments.

Hope it helps,

Mostapha (35.9 KB)

hey mostapha, when the amount of analysisresult and input mesh don’t match, the re-colored mesh would have some problem

If I just would like to change the legend bar

This post is pretty old. I just replied to your new discussion.