Re-run IDF or Re-run OSM with different weather files possible?

Hi, I am using HB for a reseach during which hundreds to thousands of different building blocks will be created and simulated for statistic analysis. After I run a bunch of blocks of first location using Colibri and Re-run IDF, I already get many IDF files which include the geometry and weather condition of each sample. The question is, can I just plug a new different weather file to the re-run idf component, for a new bunch of simulation, without arduously creating another bunch of IDF files?
In fact I tried, then I get this (part of):

The file is written to C:\Users\Miracle\Desktop\IDF_BOX_NEW\Simu_0\EnergyPlus\Simu_0.bat
Program Version,EnergyPlus, Version 8.9.0-eba93e8e1b, YMD=2020.01.14 18:28,

   ************* Beginning Zone Sizing Calculations

   ** Warning ** Weather file location will be used rather than entered (IDF) Location object.

   **   ~~~   ** ..Location object=GUANGZHOU CHN

   **   ~~~   ** ..Weather File Location=BEIJING/PEKING - CHN SWERA WMO#=545110

   **   ~~~   ** ..due to location differences, Latitude difference=[16.80] degrees, Longitude difference=[2.96] degrees.

   **   ~~~   ** ..Time Zone difference=[0.0] hour(s), Elevation difference=[587.50] percent, [47.00] meters.

Then got the nearly same cooling load, and very different heating load. I think this means the E+ engine is confused and mix different weather settings.

Then the workaround I guess may be batch modify the IDF files but do some other parameters not only the weather condition must be modified? From my poor experience I am not sure.:pensive:

And hopefully is it possible for changing weather file in future version? That will be very useful for reseach purpose.

Hi @miraclema,

Try to open your idf file with text editor, and remove a block starts with Site:Location. This will fix your problem.

I am just curious that why don’t you run the simulation at the first place when you are generating the idf files, instead of use “Re-run IDF” to load idf and run simulation afterwards.

Thank you Peng. Well I am double checking my model now and will update this question later, suppose the workflow I did can get the nearly right cooling and heating load.
That’s because I want to use the Parallel option which will use all my processors to greatly shorten my simulation, since there are thousands of…

Finally I realize the bias is about my model. So it turns out that the aforementioned method is practicable! :slightly_smiling_face: