Read annual analysis results without run

Hi everyone!

I’m generating the illuminance annual analysis of a building, and all the time that I have to see the results of floors already analyzed I have to rerun all the analysis.

Is there a way that permits read the results in the folder that contains the *.ill files without rerun each scenary?

I tried to connect to the ReadAnnualResults I the location of the file, but the component rejects this way.

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The answer is yes. Ladybug has a competont called lookup folder daylighting. It can read the result from existing folder without re-run the simulation.
Here is the workflow and the demo file.

read result from existing (498.0 KB)

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hello @minggangyin,
I’m very appreciated with your fast response and for your example too, thanks for that mate!

it really was what I was needed and I could read my analysis! :smiley:

I would just wanna make one more question:
I found that after I finish my annual analysis the *.ill files and some others in the folder disappear. I passed through this copying all the directory while the analysis still running to other place.

it is really this way that I have to proceed?

thanks one more time