Read annual results

Hi everyone
I want to optimize the daylight of my classrooms to be between 300 to 500 lux… I have ran Daylight Simulation but I don’t know which one to choose? Read Annual Result l or ll? Because in l ,UDLI is between 100-2000 lux and in ll I don’t know how to use it… Can anyone help me?

Hi @leilapasandi, If you need to change the upper and lower limits then you need to use Read Annual Result II.

Hi @mostapha
Thanks for your reply. In fact I want to know what if my classes don’t have sensors for lighting? because in READ ANNUAL RESULT I there is “lighting control group” and I can define sensors. But READ ANNUAL RESULT II doesn’t have this part and I don’t know what happens if I don’t have sensors?

Sensor control is useful for calculating dynamic blind profile and electring lighting use. It doesn’t affect the UDI calculation in your case. If you only want a single sensor to be used for the analysis then set up the daylight analysis for a single test point.