Read Room Energy Result Output Tree Lengths?

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I am having trouble using the ‘Read Room Energy Result’ component and wonder if anyone can spot where I’m going wrong? I’m just trying to read back in the energy results and use the ‘HB Color Rooms’ Component. For some reason though the output trees from the ‘Read Room Energy Result’ don’t match each other, or the room count, and so I’m getting errors with the color by room?

There are only 8 rooms, but I get anywhere from 1 to 13 tree branches, with various lengths (0, 1, 8,10, 13)?

fwiw, when I checked the OSM file I see only my 8 rooms there?

Not sure why I’m getting mismatched lengths when I read back in there?
Can anyone point me to where I’m going wrong here? I appreciate any suggestions for things to try!

(example gh file attached for reference)
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@edpmay (93.8 KB)

Hi @edpmay ,

It’s because you are using a detailed HVAC system and, when you do this, the cooling output is going to be for each piece of HVAC equipment within the VRF system instead of being for each Room. So that’s why you can’t match the cooling data to the rooms. You can see the different pieces of the HVAC equipment in the headers of the data collections coming out of cooling. Or if you plot the data collections on an Hourly Plot.

If you’re looking to get zone sensible cooling loads out of your simulation while also simulating a detailed HVAC, you can request the following output from EnergyPlus:

Zone Air System Sensible Cooling Rate

… and use the HB Read Custom Result component to parse it into Grasshopper.

Or you could just use an Ideal Air System, which can give you a more complete picture of the cooling load, which includes latent cooling as well as cooling of the ventilation air.

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@edpmay (you’ve got these inputs backwards; which I’m sure you shortly after became aware of. but on the chance its been a really long day):

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Ah! thanks @chris, @TrevorFedyna !
Appreciate it, as always.