Read tabular data - No JSON object could be decoded


I’m trying to read some hefty SQL result file into Honeybee (simulated with DesignBuilder v7.0.2.006) for postprocessing, and I am having trouble with the Read tabular data component.

My goal is to read zone volumes directly from the result SQL file (Zone Summary table), any ideas why this could happen? The Zone Summary table is present in the HTML output report.

The error message reads:

Solution exception:No JSON object could be decoded

As a workaround, I can copy and paste directly from the EP summary HTML, but that is prone to errors and pretty inconvenient.


Hi @furtonb - this is one of those problems that we will need the file to be able to recreate the error on our end unless @chris can tell you what might be going wrong just from the error message.

Hi @furtonb ,

I second what Mostapha is saying in that having the SQLite file would be really helpful. My hunch is that the settings DesignBuilder uses to format their output SQLite files are very different than the ones used by OpenStudio. For example, it’s very possible that DesignBuilder chooses to only write the Zone Summary table into the HTML and not both the HTML and SQL file like OpenStudio. But having your SQL file would confirm this.

If it turns out that the Zone Summary is not in the Design Builder SQL, I can tell you the line of the DesignBuilder IDF that you can change to enable this when you go to re-simulate the IDF.

Thanks @mostapha and @chris for the fast reply!
I’ve sent a DM to Chris with an example SQL.

Hey @furtonb ,

I received your SQL file through PM and I can confirm that your SQL file from DesignBuilder does not contain any of the tabular data that’s reported in the HTML file. Just doing a side-by-side comparison with a SQL from Honeybee/OpenStudio, you can see that the SQL on the left (from OpenStudio) contains a table in the SQL called “Tabular Data” while the one on the right (from DesignBuilder) does not contain this table:

So I can definitively say that the Zone Summary table does not exist in your DesignBuilder SQL. In order to get the DesignBuilder IDF to write the tabular data into the SQL I think you would need to change the following field within the IDF:


I imagine that your current IDF only has “Simple” as the Option Type and not “SimpleAndTabular”.

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Hi Chris, I am having a similar issue with my model analysis but I am unable to upload my file. It is giving me an error report that JSON could not be decoded and I don’t know how to fix this. If I use IDF editor, will I load the editor back into Grasshopper? Kindly help, I am new to Ladybug tools.

I’m having exactly the same problem as you. If someone can help us it would be great.
Update: I fixed it just by updating to the last version of Pollination and changin the components to the latest version

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I think both @Rotimy and @Bruno are experiencing an issue that is related to Rhino 8, which is fully fixed in the latest stable release of LBT 1.8.0.

Just let us know if upgrading to LBT 1.8.0 does not fix the issue.