ReadAnnualResult I strange: All index values are -1

Hi guys,

I run daylight simulation in honeybee and use annual daylight simulation recipe. There was no error and looks like the simulation went well. But, when I read the results using read annual result I, all daylighting index values are -1 (DLA, UDLI,CDA). (see the figure below).

So, the visualisation also turns strange

Here is my building model and its context

Previously, I have done the grid based simulation (grid-based recipe) and it successfully produced the results which can visualise the various illuminance value in the grids as I expected. I don’t know what I did wrong in this annual simulation.

Anyway, I also have set the occupancy input based on default setting from occupancy generator (figure 1) where basically the building model is occupied during the day (from 9am-5pm).

Could someone please help me solve this issue?

Here I attached the gh file
2.HoneyBee Framework annual (1.3 MB)