readEPSrfResult outputs?

In the “readEPSrfResult” component, I just want to confirm that “glazEnergyFlow” and “windowTotalSolarEnergy” do not overlap in the load outputs that are produced? I’m assuming the “glazEnergyFlow” is the conductive gains of the window assembly in addition to the gains from absorption of the glazing…and that “windowTotalSolarEnergy” is the direct solar transmission into the space? If not, can you let me know which loads they cover?


Have you seen this thread?

Thanks Mohammed…I had not seen that thread. so based on that thread, it sounds like the “glazEnergyFlow” and “windowTotalSolarEnergy” DO IN FACT overlap…am I interpreting that correctly? A couple key responses in that thread were:

"The solar term in the energy balance represents only the solar energy that is transmitted directly through window surfaces into the zone. Any solar energy that gets absorbed by opaque or glazed surfaces and conducts into the zone will appear under the opaque conduction or glazed conduction terms respectively. "

"just found that solar gain through glazing has to be subtracted from glazing energy to get just the heat conduction through glazing surface. "