Reading Rad. files in grasshopper


I’m trying to import Rad.files into grasshopper, for further studies. In this case, the Rad.files are generated in another software.

I been able to import the Rad.geometry, test points and the calculated daylight factor values, but I’m struggling to connect the calculated values to the test points.

I’ve attached the Gh.file and the generated Rad-files for a simple room.

The picture shows a mesh from another room (another project), in case of wondering. I’m trying to both read and visualize the Radiance results in grasshopper/Rhino.

Any suggestion? (155.5 KB) (466.1 KB)

Hi @EspenHansen
Your workflow is not quite nice for reading Radiance Files. You should use LookupFolder_Daylighting compotent to read the points\value\ mesh etc.

Hi @minggangyin
Thank you!