Realistic renderings with Honeybee

Hi all,

Maybe I am missing something but can you do these kind of realistic renderings through Honeybee. If so how? Thanks!

Radiance false color

Daylight results overlayed ontop realistic rendering

To answer my own question, this is possible with the image based simulation component and the Honeybee false color component, however I’m not sure how to overlay daylighting results like seen in the 2nd picture

Hi Anton,

I think you can do it by using the colortext primitive in Radiance. You can locate the text from the pts file that Honeybee generates, assign a directional vector based on the view specification and assign color as per the illuminance value. (This is most likely what they did above anyway…)

The other approach is to generate an equally sized jpg/bmp/tiff with numbers alone, then do a reverse conversion to HDR and finally combine the two images with pcomb.

I just don’t think it is worth the effort as even in the image above, the numbers in the end are completely obscured. I prefer the mesh thingy that we already have :slight_smile:


Hi Sarith

Thanks for your helpful reply, you are right you can indeed assign the text values in radiance however Im not sure how to do a reverse conversion to HRD and combine to a Pcomb do you have an example of this?

Hi Anton,

Here is a quick and dirty example…

The files are attached. The key is to have them to be of the same size, which should be possible if you are using the same viewport in both images. The resulting image looks dark I guess because I just used a plain rgb image without any luminance values for the conversion… If we put enough thought into it (ie more than the three command lines that I wrote) I am sure we can get the image to be exactly the way we want it be…

1.bmp (2.46 MB)
res.bmp (2.46 MB)
2.bmp (2.46 MB)

Hi Sarith,

We have been adding images using pcomb in the command line. Is there a way of doing it from grasshopper?

I saw that you started writing something about it in github

Juan Carlos

Hi Juan,

That script on github is actually for Honeybee[+]. You can read about it here. If all goes to plan, we should have a public release of that sometime this month. The emphasis on that project, however, is on matrix-based daylighting simulation methods like the Three Phase method. So, I am not sure if Pcomb will be “exposed” for general use.

Anyways, I had written a light wrapper for pcomb a while ago. I have cleaned it up a bit. You should be able to use it. See the attached gh file. As to what the script can do, see the video below: (450 KB)

This is great! Thanks Sarith.