Recolor mesh errors? occupied hours only results? HB_EP opaque material thickness?

Hi Everyone,

I have some simple questions that I could not find any answers for on the forum that I could apply to my case. Will appreciate it if someone can help me.

I am currently working on my masters’ dissertation and I am creating a quite complex integrated model for energy, daylight and thermal comfort using Honeybee and Ladybug. My questions are:

1) I have created the building masses and then Honeybee_intersect masses component to generate corresponding surfaces so that heat flow is accurate, this works well in the energy model, however, when it comes to the daylight model the recolor mesh component gives me the following errors for one of the zones on the first floor, where the floor is divided into 3 parts due to the corresponding surfaces on the ground floor (see photo attached)

  1. length of the results [=11] is not equal to the number of mesh faces [=5] or mesh vertices[=7].
  2. length of the results [=11] is not equal to the number of mesh faces [=2] or mesh vertices[=4].
  3. length of the results [=11] is not equal to the number of mesh faces [=4] or mesh vertices[=6].

Any suggestions on how to remove the intersect masses effect for the daylight model?

2) I have created custom schedules including heating/cooling schedule that work during occupied hours only and I created two models for thermal comfort (summer and winter). I am trying to get the results for the occupied hours only in order to get an accurate percentage of how comfortable the building is but I could not. I have used the Ladybug_analysis period component to separate the months (summer, winter) but it doesn’t work for hours.

Any ideas on how to get mean radiant temperature results of occupied hours only (8 to 23) and not for the full hours, please?
I have seen some examples on the forum but all of them are for wind analysis where there is an hourly input available, however, I need to use that for Open Studio.

3) I just want to make sure if Honeybee_set EP zone loads accounts for people internal gains (sensible and latent) by default? cause I cannot find an input for that. or should I add people sensible gains to equipment gains for example to get accurate results?

4) My final issue is related to Honeybee EP opaque materials. Is there any way I can vary the thickness of a material only for two values (e.g. 0 and 0.016 meters) and not a range between these two values? using a slider allows for changes in a range between the two values I am trying to optimize the building with octopus and I want to test the effect of having or not having that specific material on thermal mass.

Sorry for not attaching the GH file but it is a very complex one for a multi-zone building that would be confusing.

Thanks in advance!:grin:

Hi @Farah.H, Most likely you won’t get a reply for this topic. See our forum guideline:

  1. This should be posted as 4 different separate topics.
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I can go on and on but that should give you a hint that why no one has been able to help you with your questions.