Recolor Mesh warning/Error

I am testing a simple shoe-box model for day-lighting analysis. It seems the simulation runs OK but I see recolor mesh popping up some warning. I also tried with flatten _analysisResults but did’t work for me (based on an earlier discussion on the forum). The image and .gh file is attached herein. Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

Thanks, (511.4 KB)

You should flatten “M” input of Mesh Join component to make a single mesh.

Thank you, Mr. Rashidi. It works. (513.0 KB)

Hello, the solution worked well in Rhino v5 with Grasshopperv 0.9.0076 but when i use it with Rhino v6 and GH 1.0.0006 the result is not visible. Is there any serious changes happening while transition from RH 5 to RH 6? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

Your viewport view is probably set to rendering of arctic (or similar). Change to wireframe or shade.
For the former you need to change some settings in rhino (that i don’t remember) or update your rhino version.
Hopefully is that.

Thanks Abraham. The Rhino Viewport setting is already set to wireframe mode. And I am also using Rhino version 6 currently. I realize that Illuminance values are zero so problem could be somewhere else…


It is working fine for me:

The points in the central zone are, of course, 0.

Wow…This is surprising…

For me it looks like following…

I would say the problem is with the EPW file.
Something with this name makes me suspicious it is a fit file:
Try using a standard one.

Got resolved. I just recreated the glazing components…

Thank you so much for your pointers.