Recolormesh error


I study daylight sim using LN+HB.

I have a error about recolormesh.

I could run some simulations in LB+HB.

but, i can’t use recolormesh component.

everytime, this component say the same error message.

if someone knows solution, please tell me about it.

I’m afraid my expressions may be rude or hard to read, because I’m not so good at English. But please, please be patient! I will try hard to learn English! (527 KB)

Hi Taizo,

The issue is because you are using an old version of LB HB, if you try to update them your file will work fine.

You should use '“Ladybug_Update Ladybug” and “Honeybee_Update Honeybee” to update LB HB.

If you are in trouble take a look at here:…



Hi Antonello

thanks your adovice!

I could run the simulation!!

I enjoy these sumulation!:slight_smile: