Recolour mesh result export as a vector style linework

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I have a question regarding the display of results done by “Recolour mesh” component.

When exporting results I like to blur the results, bake the colour mask into Rhino and then export it together with a plan drawing. When saving to PDF I normally export the plan with a vector style linework (lines are displayed better) and the mesh as raster, since the it cannot be exported as a vector.

Is there another way that I can export a mesh as a vector from Rhino? Or maybe blur a hatch, since Rhino allows me to export as a vector?



Look at the new bakeIt options in the component.


Yes, I checked them. If I export the results as a hatch I cannot blur it. If I export it as a mesh and blur it I cannot export it as a vector-based result.


This is exactly the reason why we still have a “Ladybug_Mesh-To-Hatch” component in the 4 | Extra Tab. This component allows you to take any colored mesh (blurred or otherwise) and convert it to a group of colored hatches.

However, depending on what you mean by “blur” the mesh, you might encounter difficulty in the fact that you cannot have a gradient within a single hatch (each hatch can have only one color). So, to be more specific about what I you are trying to do here, you don’t want to “blur” or “weld” the mesh with the native GH “weld” or “blur” components since this will result in the same number of mesh faces and the same number of single-colored polygons when you convert it to a hatch.

Rather you want to “subdivide” the mesh it into smaller faces with interpolated colors between them. This is exactly what Weaverbird was designed to do:

Using Guilio’s awesome plugin and particulatly the Catmull-Clark subdivision, you can get closer to a smooth gradient in a vector format:

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Subdivided (377 KB)

Hi @chris,

Could you please upload the file again? It is no longer available.
Did you use the same process to create the sky dome in [this image]?(

Thank you.