Reflectance values Honeybee surfaces


where or how it is possible to get the values of the average diffuse material reflectance of the basic surface types (srfType_) of the component Honeybee_createHBSrfs? ( 0-WALL 0.5-Undergroundwall 1-ROOF 1.5-UndergroundCeiling 2-FLOOR etc.).

I think had found them some time ago but I don’t find the info anymore. Thank you!



Hi Francesco,

You can read the material definition from Radiance Material Info component. For Radiance the type will be assigned using the integer value of the type (Wall has the same material as undergroundwall).

You can change the default material by using “set radiance material” component.

Hello Mostapha,

thank you for the reply. Well of course I know about the possibility to read the characteristic of the Radiance material but I mean in the case we don’t apply any Radiance material. So the question is what is the reflectance of the default materials. I say this also because I get an error when I use the component Get from radiance library. So I thought I get this error because the default materials are not Radiance materials properly defined.



Hello again Mostapha,

ok now something magic happened and the component “Call from Radiance Library” works so I can read the material used by Radiance and then ask for the properties with the component “Radiance material info”. But there are multiple materials for each default Honeybee material like for WALL FLOOR or CEILING so which one Honeybee use? Thank you.


Hi Francesco, The ones with “_” in the middle are the default materials that is used by Honeybee.

Thank you Mostapha