Reflected glare calculation

I am doing a study on glare from PV panels and I was wondering if there is a way to calculate the reflected “indirect” glare, where the sensor in the grasshopper only receives the light reflected from the PV panels and not the direct sunlight. Is there a recipe for such a cell?
Would love to know your thoughts and suggestions on this. Thanks!

Hello, I also have the same confusion about your research direction, may I ask if there is an appropriate solution now? Ask for your advice

Hallo Wu,

no, from what I know, there is no solution to only calculate the reflected glare with the actually LB´s component.
It is not simple, also because the calculation must be done on the basis of the sightline between the point of interest and the reflected surface, also taking into account the angle of incidence of the reflection within your range of vision and the position of the sun (together with others criteria, like the calculation of the retinal illuminance).

It is definitely an increasingly hot topic, maybe the Glare Maestro @mikkel does he have any knowledge or solution to solve the problem in a roundabout way.

Best regards