Reflected sunlight hours only from building facade

Hi All,

I’m a bit of a Noob and have fully got stuck into the HB Radiance toolset and very much enjoying the flexibility and functionality. However I’m a bit stumped. Is there a “simple” way to use the Radiance direct sun hours recipe to show only the hours upon a horizontal grid of reflected sunlight? I’ve modelled a simple cube building with a mirrored façade using HBMirror modifier.

If not can anyone point me down a rabbit hole and methodology to achieve this?

Thank you

You could run an annual irradiance simulation, with a “normal” amount of ambient bounces, and one without ambient bounces. Subtract without from normal, and there is you answer.

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Thanks for the feedback. That’s exactly what I was trying but there doesn’t seem to be an option for -ab or any radiance parameters. Is there a way to control bounces in the rad Direct Sun recipe?

You can’t use direct hours that way, as far as I know.

But annual irradiance simulation can be used that way, the result is then energy not hours.

Peraps Surface Ray Tracing - Ladybug Primer would give you a satisfactory answer. While not a perfect fit either.

Look for the HB_RadianceParameters component. There you can set your ownsimulation parameters.

Yes, I tried that as well. Was fine for point in time and, as you say, displays energy not hours, but I’d need a whole year of reflected sunlight (preferable in a time format).

You could run it for the year.

Find hourly values of reflected as described above.

Then count hours with values.

Is possible. But requires some footwork.