Reflection and radiation of Glazing façade disturbing sports court


I am working on a project that will Build a glazing façade inside a stadium and next to a football field.

Because of that we are in a moment of form-conceptualise for this façade in order to achieve a better environment inside and most importantly outside. Because games can occur at hours like 4pm the reflection could not interfere or disturb principally at this time.

Until now i found only a way to use Raytrace in order to perceive the path the sunrays will take on the glazing if the system stays straight. However I am still trying to find a way to analyse the extra radiation and heat that this façade will add to the field and the grandstand.

I already checked the microclimate tutorials at hydra and other videos about rad material although none of these had clearly helped me thorough this. Hope someone here could help me find a solution for this.

Many thanks in advance.

Did you try to run two studies one by black material for this surface and one with the reflective glass material? You can then subtract the values from each other and see the difference made by the surface in question.