“Remove_Ladybug_and_Honeybee.gh” file also removes HB[+]!


Thanks @mostapha,

Already updated it.

Just one thing happened: I installed also the new version of HB and LB legacy and when I used the “Remove_Ladybug_and_Honeybee.gh” file, it also removed HB[+]!
Maybe it happened because I used an old version of this file, I do not know, but this is what happened, just to let you know.

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EPW to WEA Component Error

Ha! I’m not sure if we have ever updated the remove component to handle this case. I will check and update it on Hydra. Thank you for the note.


Hi @mostapha,

Indeed the file removes also HB[+]. I have installed it in another computer and the same issue happened.

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It should be fixed now. Thanks again for reporting.