Removing extra points on plane

Hi everyone.
I’m working on Rhino Inside and I’m new to grasshopper as I was using dynamo before.
So I placed planes instead of my elements to receive radiation upon but some of these planes got 2 points and some others got 1. (My goal is to have only one point per plane so I can return the values from Ladybug back to the elements, but of course the lists are messed up due to unmatching number of points/lists/results)

I wanted to upload the gh file but since I’m new the system doesn’t let me yet.

hi MaxSmith,

I think you are dealing with a tree of points (can’t say for sure as you can’t post your script).

If that is the case, then the points you get are grouped by branches. Just use the List Item to retrieve the first elements of each branch, like this:

do this for the points, for the results and for the mesh and you will have one element in each branch.


Hi pmcmm,

Thank you for finding time to answer.
I tried your technique but it seems LB doesn’t keep branches for it’s points.

Perhaps there is a way to simplify the planes even more to get 1 point instead of 2? I already tried making them simplified as possible but it partially worked for some reason…

I uploaded the script on Gdrive.

Just managed to find a solution.
Used the node “closest point” which was perfect as it picked only one closest and their index which I used to filter the results list!

i tried to open your file:

it seems that you are running it from a revit document. You should simplify it before posting so other people can open and check it without too much trouble.

in any case, glad it worked out for you, that’s the most important.

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