Rendered sphere is not smooth

Hi all,
I am trying to render a sphere, but as you can see it doesn’t give a smooth result. do you know what is the reason?


Thanks in advance,

Hi Nima -

How is this related to the Ladybug Tools?
Can you post your gh or 3dm file?

Hi @Nimafo ,

If this is a Radiance rendering that you are showing us here in your screenshot, then you are just seeing the default meshing that happens when you plug a spherical Brep into a Honeybee component.

The Radiance simulation engine only accepts planar geometries so all curved Breps are planarized when they are translated to Honeybee objects. To control the smoothness of the Honeybee geometry, you should mesh your Breps first in Grasshopper (using meshing parameters for the smoother sphere that you want). Then, you can plug those smooth meshes into the Honeybee components instead of Breps and your resulting Radiance rendering will look nicer.

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