Rendering With Radience - Honeybee [+]

Due to the new possibilities of honeybee [+] with the radiance is it possible, would it be possible to simulate a realistic rendering with glasses using as a base settings extracted from the optics?

if so, what would this workflow look like?

obs: I was impressed by the possibility, of a result like this paper from the radiance community

This has been possible with Honeybee since the last few years. Honeybee[+] allows you to do more advanced and faster annual simulations and at least for the moment, is not likely to aid you with renderings in any specific way (unless you work on a cloud machine, as HB[+] is cloud compatible). Jack (de Valpine) had produced these renderings nearly a decade ago and the optics database has been around for a while as well. You can use the legacy version of Honeybee for generating such renderings.

The one thing for generating realistic renderings that we don’t support at the moment is photon mapping, which is very useful for studying caustics

This can be done in Radiance but not yet in Honeybee or HB[+]. You can see the effect of caustics in some of the images below.

We will be adding this feature in HB[+] in the near future.
Some more examples of caustics:
This one is more glass centric


Dear @sarith and @chris

Sirath, again thanks for the papers, they are very detailed mainly comparative with photon maping, I need to go deep to check this level

I’m starting in this area of lighting, and I’m enthusiastic, I’ve worked more in the area of structural analysis with elements of glass and curtainwall, so I still ask simple questions.

my main intention with this topic was to be able to compare externally the effect of different coatings glass on a building with different moments of sun exposure schedules (possibly changing the temperature of the sky in Kelvin) and create an array of models to aid comparison for architects

I copied the Chris because I found something similar in a presentation

I hope you can help me, with a start of a workflow in gh, I need only a start so I can develop