REOpt: New Features Released Today by DOE GTO

Hi @mostapha and @chris,
The Geothermal Technologies Office today did a press release on the REOpt and the new features (geothermal heat pumps) found in their web tool. I am hoping some of these features will eventually find their way into the DF->URBANOpt->REOpt workflow, at the district scale of course. You are the bleeding edge on front-end development for this stuff and there is so much demand right now. Emerson is about to coopt these DOE SDKs into a proprietary product, so I would prefer to see it go a different direction. I would also donate to your Patreon, but it appears that it is no longer active.

Hi @Geo_curious ,

I would say with confidence that, if NREL exposes this in the reopt_assumptions JSON that we use to communicate with the URBANopt CLI, then we could expose it within dragonfly. So probably the first place to ask about this would be on unmethours or some place where the NREL developers hang out. And, if they do start implementing it, you would see the progress happening in this GitHub repo here.

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