Replace/Blend values in yearly chart

Hello friends,

I’m looking for ways to replace or blend the values of yearly data sets (selectively)

Set 1 contains Dry Bulb Temperatures directly from EPW.

Set 2 contains Wet Bulb Temperatures, the result of the wetbulb component from EPW values.

I want the resulting set to be a DBT, but replaced with WBT values whenever x threshold is triggered. For example, when DBT=/> 26C°, replace that index with the same index from the WBT. It could even be a % of the WBT since I can’t assume it’s 100% effective.

How is this logic translated into gh? Are there any examples of this?


Hi @Jbarria,

Something like this? (385.4 KB)

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Oh, simple enough! Absolutely spot on.

Thank you so much, kind wizard.