Replacing the PVgen component in HB_legacy

I am updating my old algorithm with the latest HB version components. However, I couldn’t find the corresponding PVgen component in the latest version of HB. May I ask if there is a component for defining PV panels in the new HB? Thanks

Hi @Ivanitap, there are PV components in the new HB.
The sample file can be found here.

If you aren’t seeing them in the toolbar under 4::HVAC try running the versioner component.

Thanks @TrevorFedyna. I downgraded from 1.7.1 / 1.7.26 to 1.7.0 and found the component. But it has this error code

“1. Solution exception:
Failed to import honeybee_energy:
cannot import generator from honeybee_energy”

For the latestion version of HB (1.7.1 and above), I cannot find the component even updated the versioner.

Hi @Ivanitap try running the pollination grasshopper one-click installer, I just used it and checked the two PV components were present in honeybee energy 4::

Thanks @TrevorFedyna . It works =)

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