Results from Butterfly analysis

Hello all,

I have just started using butterfly for outdoor wind analysis and I’m not sure how to read or interpret the results given.
Firstly(see image 1), the results from the analysis completed in grasshopper shows what looks like wind direction and/or wind behaviour in the context: is this correct? AND is this information just at the specific level shown or can I assume its the whole area which the wind vertex is directing at?
I’m asking this because with my interpretation that its just analysis at that specific level, it would mean that I have to do various analysis one after the other because I want to analyse at different heights.

Secondly(see image 2), all the analysis done are saved to a folder which then you can open and see in paraviewer. What does results (of the saved analysis) mean? Is it showing wind pressure only? Can I get it to show wind behaviour too?

Thirdly(see image 3),(this is more of gh scripting question for butterfly) the wind speed allocated is “6” in the example gh butterfly outdoor wind analysis script: what does this mean? Can I use an EPW file that has a list of wind speeds and to insert into that component?

Thank you so much for your time:)