Results given in power of 10

Hi All,

I’ve come across something which might be a simple fix but an oddity as I’m moving from legacy to 1.0. I’ve noticed that in extracting cooling and heating results, the mass addition seems to default to providing the answer in power of 10 (e.g. 3.06e+9).

I can’t think why this would be related to the new version but I am perplexed this is the first time I’m coming across it.

Does anyone know how I could change this in mass addition to not give me the answer in this form? When fed into excel with colibri as outputs, I can change it to the full number but obviously the answers are so approximate to the 000’s that its troubling.


@ElzineBraasch ,
Am I correct in understanding that you’re just wondering why you see values in scientific notation for some of the numbers? If so, it’s purely a display/format thing and the numbers are the same under the hood. If you want the to display in a certain format, you can just use a native Grasshopper “Expression” component like so:

If you don’t care about decimal places, rounding also reformats the number: (6.4 KB)

See here for many more ways that you can reformat numbers with Grasshopper:

Hi Chris,

As ever, thanks! :slight_smile: Yeh, I was simply just curious as to why this has come up now.
Thanks for your detailed response.