Reuse DC files without reruning the whole daylight simulation

Hello everybody,

Do you know if there is a way in HB to reuse the daylight coefficient files? in DIVA it is possible.
Basically what I want to change the combination of my files “with and without blinds” by changing the parameters of the blinds (eg. changing the illuminance thresholds that trigger them or change to conceptual blinds) without running the whole simulation.

Is there any option?


We don’t have it but you can easily create your own inside Grasshopper. Each study with Daysim uses a header file (*.hea) to run the calculations and do the post-processing. If you open the hea files you will see the lines for the blinds. You only need to edit those lines, save the file and re-run Read Annual Results I component which will only run the post-processing.

Great, thanks a lot Mostapha