Revit geometry for VSC-analysis

Hello everyone,

I’ve done a couple of analysis of vertical sky component before, but then the geometry was built within Rhino with HB-zones. Now I have a geometry that was created within Revit without zones, just the outer geometry. I followed this guide to export the geometry as DWG ACIS solids and imported that into Rhino and did some cleaning of the model.

The things I have in the model is mainly walls, windows and roof. The layer I want to apply the VSC-results on is “A-WALL”. The rest is imported to be used as a shading objects.

I use a geometry pipeline to import breps. Then I use the createHBSrfs but when I connect it (the walls) to “genTestPts” it keeps crashing.

Is there something in particular that you need to consider to be able to use the geometry for VSC-analysis? Or is there another aproach that I can do?

Kind regards, Julia