Revit Room Boundaries to Zones

I’m trying to convert Revit rooms to Honeybee Zones with Grasshopper.
Is there an elegant way of automating:

  1. the creation of convex shapes from non-convex shapes
  2. the simplification of room boundaries by getting rid of the empty spaces (interior walls “leftovers”) in between them?

I don’t believe there’s a way at the moment.

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ok. what is the fastest way of doing it right now(revit model -> honeybee zones)? manually tracing over plans received from an architect?
assuming that an architect works in revit and doesn’t consider proper HVAC zoning, etc. …

Didn’t test myself but try the GBxml export (revit) and import in HB. Look for threads here for that purpose.

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Something else that is not tried…
Just based on reading this, it sounds like it should be useful…

Topologic is well-suited to create a lightweight representation of a building as an external envelope and the subdivision of the enclosed space into separate spaces and zones using zero-thickness internal surfaces. Because Topologic maintains topological consistency, a user can query these cellular spaces and surfaces regarding their topological data and thus conduct various analyses. For example, this lightweight and consistent representation was found to be well-matched with the input data requirements for energy analysis simulation software.


Have you tried Hummingbird for Revit/Rhino. I have used this successfully to sync room and area data, which can be converted into surfaces, however you might need to then create volumes from there. There are other options for importing masses and walls as well. You may have to write a workflow once imported for specific conversion to HB Zone.