Rhino 6 stopped working when exporting to openstudio file using Honeybee

Hi, recently I am working on a 10-level building model with Honeybee. When I was trying to export the Honeybee model to Openstudio file, it just breaks down the whole program and says “Rhino 6 stopped working.” Does anyone have experience with similar problems?

It can happen for different reasons. Most of the time it is the result of a very small surface or an intersection calculation. Is it possible for you to share your model?

Thanks for your quick reply. I am sorry I need to ask before sharing the model. I was trying to debug it in the past two days. Then I found the main reason for the crash is a physical memory overflow. I have 215 zones and the memory usage will just go crazy (I have a 32 GB RAM on the desktop). I tested on each function of the “ExportToOpenstudio” component. Around line 5658 in the Honeybee_Honeybee.py takes the majority of the resource, which is:

sc.sticky['honeybee_ConversionFactor'] !=1: 
       HBZone.transform(NUscale, "", False)

Can you explain further about the transform function of EPZone? As long as I can tell, if I used IS unit, the ConversionFactor will be 1, then I don’t need to call the transform function, which will make the process much faster and computationally cheap. I think that will be the key to my problem. Thanks in advance!

It will be 1 if your units are in meters. You can also try the command below to see what is the value.

print sc.sticky['honeybee_ConversionFactor']

Thanks for your quick reply! I tried the model in meters, it worked. Thanks!