Rhino 7 and LBT Versioner

@eirannejad @AbrahamYezioro Thanks for catching the error. Abraham what did you mean by neutralising the folder? Do you mean to delete iron bug folder?

No. Just changed it’s name so it will not be uploaded. No need to delete!!


Thanks, @AbrahamYezioro. The update components work. Cheers !


Perfect! Thanks for being patient and helping figuring this out.


Thank you all for getting to the bottom of this issue, @AbrahamYezioro , @Asisnath and @eirannejad .

I am assigning this issue to @MingboPeng to address when he gets the chance. It seems like we’ll need another release of Ironbug with an updated IronPython to officially address this.


Hi @AbrahamYezioro @Asisnath @eirannejad,

I cannot recreate this issue on my machine since I don’t have Rhino 7 license. I tested with Rhino 7 Beta, everything works fine. Would you please do one more test for me? Remove the Microsoft.Dynamic.dll in C:\Ironbug, and to see if everything would work again? Ironbug should work with the version from Rhino 7.

Hi @MingboPeng. As you said, I removed Microsoft.Dynamic.dll in C:\Ironbug and reran the LBT update component. It worked fine without issue. Even Ironbug loaded cleanly without a popup.

Hi @MingboPeng,
I can also report that ironbug loads fine in both R6/R7 and the versioner also works fine for both of them.

Thanks @Asisnath and @AbrahamYezioro, I will remove the “Microsoft.Dynamic.dll” in Ironbug for the next version.

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