Rhino 7 - Ladybug 1.5.0 - missing honeybee components?


i’m pretty new in working with grasshhopper/ladybug and have some trouble about some missing components.
I was looking for the " Run Daylight Simulation " component (Run Daylight Simulation - Honeybee - Component for Grasshopper | Grasshopper Docs), but th whole Honeybee | Daylight sections seem to miss in my installation. I couldn’t find out, what i did wrong.
I’m using Rhino 7 with ladybug version 1.5.0

Thank you very much

Hello @Lucas.Heitele,
Grasshopper Docs site ladybug & honeybee is 1.0 before the version, from ladybug tools1.0 official version began many commands redesigned, you can look at this https://docs.ladybug.tools/hb-radiance-primer/components/3_recipes/annual_daylight
Hope this helps you.

@omen Thank you very much for your reply.
I was looking for a component, that supports luminance simulation - that’s why i was looking for the “Run daylight component”. Am i overseeing sth or is this option not available with the redesigned commands?

You can refer to the official ladybugtools example to simulate and output the results for year-round lighting.
annual_daylight.gh (76.4 KB)

@omen thank you for your reply. that script hepls to understand the components.
Maybe you can help me with the special case i am trying to realize:
I’m trying to do a glare simulation of o photovoltaic system. i need a heatmat with the luminance values on the windows of surrounding buildings, caused by reflections of the pv system.
I was already able to create a model, that calculates the total limunance (sun + reflections), but i don’t know how to make the model ignoring direct, unreflected rays on the sensor grid.