Rhino Crash with Psychometric Chart


Is there a reason my rhinoceros crash when I run the Psychometric Chart? (file with a very simple process)



LadyBug-Analysis-PsychometricChart.gh (89 KB)

Hi Ilona,
As Chris pointed out in here, you seem to use an older Service Release of Rhino (1 to 4). Update it to at least Rhino 5 SR5. If you can not, download the Rhino 5 evaluation version. Also be sure to use the latest (0.9.0076) Grasshopper version.


Djordje said it all. Thank you, Djordje!

I am pretty sure that the issue should go away upon Rhino update as it did with my peers but, if not, please let me know.



Thanks for your reply. I have Rhino 5 SR4 with GH 0.9.0076. I’ll try to update: )

Hi, this is happening to me even I’m having Rhino 6. Have you found a solution?

Hi,@muath Please check the Units setting. Make sure that Rhino uses Meter as the Units.

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Hi @minggangyin It is in Meters, I discovered it only happens when “wind speed” is connected.

@muath indeed, that has been happening to me too

Hi -
I downloaded the Grasshopper file that is attached to the first post in this thread (from the old forum) and ran it here without crashing:

What are you doing differently?