Rhino crashes at opening octopus window when using LB & HB

Hi everyone!

I have trouble in using Octopus when I put Honeybee and Ladybug main components into the canvas.
Not sure it is related to this forum, but it happens only with HB & LB.
I have a text crash report file you can find here: RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (1023 Bytes)


DId you try this on any other machine? I can give it a try if you could share a simplified version of your GH file. This does seem like an Octopus error.

Hey @devang,
Thanks, yes it works when I use on another computer, but I couldn’t figure out on my machine.
I use sample HB LB files from Hydra.
When I double click on octopus component to open window Rhino crashes.

Thanks again.

This seems to be an issue with Octopus and not Ladybug Tools. Make sure the Octopus is installed correctly and the GHA file is unblocked.