Rhino Gras+LB crashes trying to place surface in a surface component

Hello everyone!!! I am relatively new to this field and I am having problems with a script that I am used to using.
Let me explain: I am using a script that is already extensively tested and has ALWAYS worked without problems, to do some Daylighting analysis on environments through DF and UDI.
I can set all the Breps I need ( Ceiling, Windows, Walls, Vertical Fins, Context Building and Ground) but when I set the component of the ANALYSIS SURFACE, first it takes a long time to process it and then Grasshopper and Rhino7 crash.
It’s all very strange because the surfaces I created on Rhino are two simple closed surfaces created with “surface from a planar curve” from a rectangle (my usual way).
The file is also quite light (Rhino 21.964KB, Gh 1.902KB), unlike other analysis files I have done with the same script. CAN’T FIND THE PROBLEM!!! Please help me

I am attaching Gh’s file and a screenshot of the model that maybe usefull to find the problem. Thanks to everyone

If you search the forum you’ll find a few discussions. In most cases it’s because of the uuid module in IronPython.