Rhino/Grasshopper vs Revit/Dynamo


I am trying to decide between learning Rhino/Grasshopper or Revit/Dyno and wanted to get some opinions from the forum.

  • Which is the easiest to learn/use?
  • Which program is more efficient at 3D modeling for energy calcs?
  • Does one program integrate with Ladybug Tools better then the other?

Thanks in advance!

Yes. Ladybug Tools plugins for Grasshopper and Rhino has been around longer and have a much stronger community around them.

For your other two questions it depends on what you are trying to do and in what stage of the design.

Thanks @mostapha. Regarding my other questions…

We typically perform Load Calculations based on fully designed building and utilize CAD or PDF files to trace single line walls, etc.

If you don’t need to deal with Revit models then Rhino and Grasshopper is the faster and more flexible platform. You can also automate most of the manual work for preparing your geometry using Grasshopper.

Thank you! Rhino/Grasshopper it is.


Which are the best videos to get started with Rhino and Ladybug tools?

Hi @eugene_s

On the link below you can find information about grasshopper.
For ladybug/honeybee you can find a lot of information on this forum.