Rhino version - Legacy and Ladybug Tools

Is there any minimal Rhino version requirements for both Legacy and LBT?
Just want to be sure i’m instructing my students right.

Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

Good question. The latest LBT Grasshopper plugin only works with Rhino 6 and above (note that “the above” at the time that I’m writing this is just Rhino 7 WIP). So it will NOT work in Rhino 5. The legacy works with Rhino 5 and Rhino 6.

Hi @chris,
I intended to ask about the Service Release and forgot to be more specific.
Can you say if there are some recommendations regarding the SR?

For Rhino 6, I would say at least 6.22 that has some updates that is needed for Rhino plugin, but not sure about it for Grasshopper.

Thanks @MingboPeng,
So i will recommend the students to have, at least SR6.25, just to be on the safe side.