Rhino > WecSim workflow assistance

Hello I am a student at Illinois Tech, we are participating in the Marine Energy Collegiate Competition. Our simulation team is developing a wave-energy converter model to test energy outputs with WecSim, we are aware there are other software to test energy outputs even specifically for wave energy research; however, all seem to require a nuanced file input process which our team cannot seem to sort out. Although I am fairly experienced with Rhino Ladybug for building simulation, this is my first venture into naval architecture and energy modeling. Currently we have a good mesh with .3dm, .stl, and .gdf files for WAMIT. I think we also need to specify materials for the .pot and .frc files, but that’s where our team gets lost. Is there a resource that could guide us through the workflow of Rhino > WecSim or .stl > WecSim.